William Hayden Smith, Ph.D.

About The Member:


NAME William Hayden Smith

POSITION TITLE Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McDonnell Center for Space Sciences


University of Kentucky BS 1962 Mathematics

Princeton University MA 1963 Physical Chemistry

Princeton University PhD 1966 Physical Chemistry

A. Positions and Honors


1966 - 1967. Research Associate, University of Kentucky, Chemistry

1966 Research Associate, Princeton University, Chemistry

1968 Research Associate, Princeton University Observatory

1969 - 1973 Research Staff, Princeton University Observatory

1973 - 1975 Research Astronomer, Princeton University Observatory

1976 - 1991 Professor, Department of Chemistry, Washington University

1976 - Present Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Washington University

Honors and Consultation since 2000:

2002 Fulbright Senior Specialist Award

2003 NASA-ASEE Research Fellow

2003 Fulbright Professor, Petrya Moghyla University, Mykolayiv, Ukraine

2004 Fulbright Senior Specialist Award, State Institute for Forestry, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

2016 Fulbright Senior Specialist Award, Petrya Moghyla University, Mykolayiv, Ukraine

Current Lecture Duties: elementary and graduate courses on Climate Science, Environmental Sustainability, Earth Ocean and Atmosphere, and Remote Sensing Instrumentation Design.

B. Selected Publications relevant to climate science (in chronological order)

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