Caleb Rossiter, PhD

About The Executive Director

Climate statistician Caleb Stewart Rossiter is the executive director of the CO2 Coalition of 50 climate scientists and energy economists. He is also the director of the American Exceptionalism Media Project, an anti-imperialist website. 

Dr. Rossiter has worked in Washington's foreign policy and academic arenas since 1981. He was deputy director of the bipartisan congressional Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus and then counselor to the Democratic chair of a House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee.

Rossiter earned his Ph.D. in policy analysis from Cornell University and his M.A. in mathematics from American University, where he was a professor in both the School of International Service and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. He taught courses on Quantitative Analysis, U.S. Policy in Africa, Statistics, and Mathematical Modeling. He was also a statistics professor in South Africa at the University of the Western Cape. 

Professor Rossiter was originally part of the "consensus" that industrial carbon dioxide causes climate catastrophe, but began to change his conclusions in the mid-2000's while assessing his statistics students' papers on the studies and models cited by proponents of the consensus. Since then he has written and lectured widely on the weakness and uncertainty of climate claims and models.

Rossiter's policy advocacy focuses on the generation and transmission of electricity in Africa, where life expectancies are low, only a quarter of households have reliable electricity, and fossil fuels "scrubbed" of pollutants are a crucial source of energy. He is a "climate casualty:" this advocacy resulted in his firing in 2014 by a Washington think tank whose funders promote the climate catastrophe hypothesis.