Carbon tax a ‘very bad idea’: Fraser Institute

Ken Green, Senior Director of the Centre for Natural Resources at the Fraser Institute, joins BNN to outline why he thinks a carbon tax is a “very bad idea.”   This video appeared on the BNNBloomberg Canada website at

Global Greening by Dr Patrick Moore

Dr. Patrick Moore has Ph.D. in ecology and is a veteran of peace and environmental activism having faced down the harpoons of whaling ships as a founding member of Greenpeace. In this video explains the benefits of increasing levels of CO2 in the environment. He states, “We are the salvation of life, not its destroyer.”

The Truth About CO2

By Patrick Moore Carbon dioxide hysteria. Even going so far as to label it a “pollutant.” Let’s look at this rationally. This video appears on the Prager University Facebook page at

Truth vs. Chicken Little

On November 19, 2019, Coalition member Jim Hollingsworth was interviewed by Beth Ann Schoenberge on the Commonsense Conversations radio show. Mr. Hollingsworth discussed the role of fossil fuel energy in the American economy, the flaws in the Green New Deal and the possible legal suit by the city of Honolulu against oil companies for selling 

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