55 New (2019) Scientific Papers Link Solar Activity To Climate Change

By Kenneth Richard When it comes to the Sun’s influence on climate, one conclusion is certain: there is no widespread scientific agreement as to how and to what extent solar activity and its related parameters (i.e., galactic cosmic rays, geomagnetic activity, solar wind flux) impact changes in the Earth’s temperature and precipitation. The disagreement is so chasmic and the 

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Elevated CO2 Helps Mitigate the Negative Effects of Water Stress on Soybean Growth and Yield

Paper Reviewed Wang, A., Lam, S.K., Hao, X., Li, F.Y., Zong, Y., Wang, H. and Li, P. 2018. Elevated CO2 reduces the adverse effects of drought stress on a high-yielding soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) cultivar by increasing water use efficiency. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 132: 660-665. Many researchers have examined the interactive effects of 

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Net-Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions By 2050 Requires A New Nuclear Power Plant Every Day

By Roger Pielke More than a decade ago, Gwyn Prins and Steve Rayner characterized climate policy as an “auction of promises” in which politicians “vied to outbid each other with proposed emissions targets that were simply not achievable.” For instance, among Democrats competing for the presidency in 2020, several, including Joe Biden, have committed to 

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The “climate doom” timeline

By Anthony Watts Have you ever wanted a nice, compact image you could share on social media whenever you need to put some eco-worrier in his/her/its place? Well, one showed up in my social media timeline this morning, and it is worth sharing. This article appeared on the WattsUpWithThat? website at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/09/29/the-climate-doom-timeline/

Chief UN Climate Scientist Calls the Climate Crisis Narrative “Religious Extremism”

CO2 Coalition Releases First Professional Translation of Controversial Article in Finnish Business Journal – see below “IPCC reports are read like the Holy Book, where certain sentences are sought to justify their own extreme position. It has the features of religious extremism ….This world will not end…. We are at the best of mankind’s time 

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Climate guru Petteri Taalas: Climate change is not yet out of control, but the debate is – “It has the features of religious extremism.”

Dr. Petteri Taalas, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization, and hence the top scientist in the UNIPCC process: key excerpts from his opinions and quotations, translated from a September 6, 2019, article in Talouselama: — According to Petteri Taalas, there are, as of yet, no signs of horror images of climate change, such as the 

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CO2 Coalition Claims Victory Over Censorship; Facebook Removes “False” Label from Climate Models Article

Facebook Rating Had Blocked Sharing of Climate Science Op-ed Arlington, VA – The CO2 Coalition is claiming victory today as Facebook removed a “False” rating from an opinion piece written by two members of the coalition of 50 climate scientists and energy economists. The article, which was published by the Washington Examiner on August 25th, was titled “The Great 

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