What the news media still won’t say about climate change

Mainstream media likes to keep the good news of climate change a secret. Information that shows the benefits of climate change, CO2, fossil fuels, or natural energy remains outside the news agenda. Too bad, because the public is entitled to know.

Good news does not sell, does not raise fear, does not increase ratings, make money, or garner awards for news media reporting. As the media motif reads: “If it bleeds, it leads.” Media parrots, conforms to liberal agenda, publishes the party line, and seldom reports items on our climate-change good-news list below.

The list of media-made silence on climate change science is long, as media draws attention on bad stuff better than beneficial aspects of changes in the climate. It makes perfect sense, because good climate news is not in lockstep with political agenda.

So, here’s a compilation of the beneficial or good news ho-hummers that remain unreported, largely ignored, or hidden from the public’s perception.

Climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon.
Earth’s climate continually changed throughout its geologic history.
The Earth is not warming catastrophically.
There is no increase in extreme weather of any kind.
The oceans will remain comfortably alkaline for as far out as we can see.
Sea level rise has been constant without acceleration.

Arctic and Antarctic sea ice is not disappearing, in fact, the latter is thickening.
Earth was warmer one thousand years ago than it is now.
Fewer people die from disease when the climate is warmer than when it’s cold.
A warmer climate produces more food.
A warmer Earth increases human longevity.
Temperature rise is miniscule at less than one degree over centuries.
Model predictions of temperature rise have not been borne out by measurements.

Climate change facts do not support global warming.

Climate models are wrong, thankfully.
Climate change is independent of hydrocarbon energy usage.
The Earth was warmer than now before there was an Industrial Revolution.
Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a fertilizer for food crops and increases the world’s food supply.
CO2 benefits the world and is not toxic nor a pollutant.
The earth is greening from slightly increasing CO2 levels.
Plants grow better with more CO2 in the air.
We are in a relative CO2 famine, causing the slow suffocation of plants.
Geologic plants and plankton produced the abundant cheap energy we use today.
Low cost energy drives economic growth and development.
Nations with abundant hydrocarbon energy resources are prosperous.
Thirty percent of Earth’s land area has greened.
Overall gross vegetative productivity of the Earth increased 14 percent.
The laws of physics say warming does not produce cooling.
Temperature catastrophe has not been observed since human record-keeping began.
2015 was not the hottest year on record, despite that NASA says so.
NOAA is undergoing Congressional investigations on falsifying its temperature data.
Humans can and do adapt to changes in climate.
Climate change is not responsible for the stupid things it is purported to cause.
Climate change, the term, cleverly includes any departure at all from the climate of today.
Changes in climate have been occurring since Earth began, not just since the media began hyping the hoax of catastrophe.

This article by Lorraine Yapps Cohen appeared in The Examiner at http://www.examiner.com/article/what-the-news-media-still-won-t-say-about-climate-change